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Vendor Application for
Gazebo Annex Markets

To be a Vendor at any Gazebo Annex Markets, you may apply here on-line.

All indoor spaces are allocated from a waiting list with priority give to existing registered vendors with indoor spaces, applying vendors on the waiting list willing to register and pay for multiple months or a one year contract, and then lastly month by month vendors.  Indoor space is in demand and not likely to be filled with month to month vendors.

Name     *required
Address 2 
Phone      *not required but helps speed 
                                                  things up sometimes
Email Address     *required

You are applying for which individual market date(s)? Also note inside or outside if applicable...

type in the Month/Day you would like to setup.  The 3rd Saturday Markets take place on the third Saturday of each month.  There are also spaces available for the special events such as the Cheese Festival taking place on labor day weekend.  Please look at our calendar of events for lists of events.

You will be reserving a predetermined space at the indicated markets.
Space cost are:
3rd Saturday Downtown Craft Markets   
       Regular 3rd Sat Markets 
              Inside Gazebo Annex - $25
              Outside Parking Lot
                        Available on
special dates adjacent to the       
                        Gazebo Annex- $20   
       June Arthur Days Special 2 day Market 
              Inside Gazebo Annex - One Price-2days - $40
              Outside Parking Lot
                        Available on any warmer dates adjacent to the       
                        door of the Gazebo Annex- One Price-2days -$30  
              Cheese Festival Special 3 day Market
              Inside Gazebo Annex - One Price-3 days - $75
              Outside Parking Lot - adjacent to the door of
                          the Gazebo Annex - 3 days one price -$60 
Space reservations 8x10 indoors,
10x20 outdoors.
For each indoor space (10'widex8'deep) we will provide 1-8'table and 1 chair. Outdoor spaces are 100%
We will assign spaces inside first if available unless you request an outside space, and outdoor paved parking lot
second, and charge accordingly. If you prefer a lower ranked space please indicate you preference below. 
No refunds. Failure to appear without cause will forfeit all future reservations.
We will advise you of the total cost by email and then bill your credit card.
( I prefer a lower cost spot: in the mall 
                                             in the outdoor lot )
Card Number 
Expiration Date on card  
Name on card  

Market Space will not be available without prior reservation and check in hand or Credit Card application on file.  You may print out this form and mail it with your check if you wish.

Brief Product Description (crafts-any, antiques-any, baked goods, farm produce, misc items, Avon, tupperware, candles etc.)
If you plan to offer restricted items be sure to advise us. We reserve the right to refund any prepaid fees and cancel your reservation upon setup for failure to properly describe your offerings.