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Location Info

The Gazebo Annex is located in downtown Arthur Illinois within easy sight of main street and the visitors center and main city parking lot.  It is easily accessible from all directions and is in a clean, lit area of downtown.

The Gazebo Annex also has its own private parking lot to use during your events.  The parking lot has spacing for 20+ full size cars or trucks.  The Annex is also situated in a location with  plenty of unloading room.

Total interior space is 60' X 90'.  The building comes with use of 10 8' white folding tables and metal folding chairs.  If more chairs or tables are required, they can be rented for additional cost.   The building comes with use of bathroom.

Downtown Arthur Map - Top is North

Downtown Arthur Map
                      South on Vine Street 4 blocks to Route 133 east and west