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Gunny Sack Review

Picking and a lot of grinning almost every Wednesday evening in Downtown Arthur!

When Russ BroughGunny Sack Revue and Philo Schrock asked to use Omer Millers shop for a jam session, they did not know that it would escalate into a weekly session of sometimes 20 or more musicians playing a combo of gospel and bluegrass while throwing in some good old country and western songs. They started upstairs in a loft where the acoustics were good, but soon had to move downstairs to accommodate all the people who wanted to join and also those who just wanted to listen and enjoy. They became known as the Cadwell Opry but were renamed when gunny sacks were hung on the walls to improve the acoustics downstairs.

They go around the circle and each take turns singing a song of their choice while the rest of the group joins in on the harmonies or the chorus. They are a fun group who enjoy their music. In fact, Omer said that they will continue playing until it isn’t fun anymore. Young and old enjoy their performances. They have performed at local festivals and the country fair, along with many special “jams” at state parks, business picnics and numerous church outings and benefits.

Their jam sessions are free and open to all, but they do accept freewill offerings to help cover their expenses.

Check The Arthur Calendar to see if (or where) they are playing this week!